In the Dark We See the Light

from by David T8tz and His Lovely Friends

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In this song David does a recap of how life has been since everything fell apart, slowly gaining a deeper and deeper perspective as the verses go on. The question of "is it worth it to attempt to love if these are the possible results" is asked over and over again until he gains enough perspective to answer his question. Yes, risk and risk and risk it all again, the truest horror of all is not to feel pain but rather to feel nothing at all. Dive into love headfirst as many times as you can.


Let’s pretend and for the sake of argument
Say that I could breathe and love and feel again
I’ve survived by giving up on all these things
I’ve survived by placing all my hopes in chains
I’ve survived by running round with lonely girls
Finding shelter in the arms of sorrowful strangers
In the morning find your things and run away
We’ve got no plans for tomorrow just the memories we’ve made
And though it’s not at all the life that I would choose
You’ve got to make the best of what is left once you lose
Everything that you had made before
The storm ripped off your ceiling, now you’re clinging to the floor
Cause what is left to lose but everything?
Could you risk it all again just to feel something?
I’ll be out on the corner you can meet me if you’d like
Honey we can drink beneath these streetlights.
Let’s talk about what’s wrong
And how our hearts have been stomped on
But in this we’re not alone
You’re not alone
I remember well the tears shed on the road
Alone in traffic when suddenly that song comes on
You used to dance to this with someone that you loved
You’d face each other and you’d loudly sing along
So now you’re stalled, there’s devastation on your face
The other drivers, when they see you, well away they race
Surrounded by a hundred thousand people but alone
But your cubicle is waiting, you can’t turn and just head home
But though these days are long and nights can feel so cold
Each day that passes, you grow a tiny bit more bold
You make new friends, you start to dance your nights away
You start to think that maybe you could be okay
Cause what is left to lose but everything?
Could you risk it all again just to feel something?
I’ll be out on your doorstep, you can meet me if you’d like
Honey we can dance beneath this moonlight
Let’s play our favorite songs on our phones and dance along
Cause in this we’re not alone
We’re not alone
In the morning lets go out, let’s drive away
Head to the city where we’ll have ourselves a holiday
We’ll walk through LACMA, hit the thrifts in Echo Park
And then to Hollywood Forever for a movie in the dark
I’ll pack a picnic basket, you can choose the wine
Lay out a blanket and we’ll leave old memories behind
Cause life is wonderful it’s happening all around
And I refuse to waste another moment feeling down
Cause what is left to lose but everything?
Still I’d risk it all again just to feel something
I’ll lay right here beside you, you can hold me if you’d like
Honey we’re still here
Honey we’re still here
Beneath the starlight
Here in the dark we see the light


from Pack Thy Secrets Deep, released April 25, 2017
Vocals: David T8tz
Guitar: David T8tz
Lead guitar: Shay Capolupo
Piano: Paul Akers
Bass: Gabriel Hartman



all rights reserved


David T8tz and His Lovely Friends Los Angeles, California

David T8tz has always used music as a way to cope with sadness. From his first heartbreak at 12 years old, he was writing and performing his own songs. He never thought this skill set learned at at such a young age would become so necessary for survival later in life.

(Previously David was the frontman for Winston and the Telescreen.)

Contributing musicians are listed in the track notes.
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