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He receives a voicemail and is overcome with the absence of the mother of his children in his life. He has become an android existing among other humans but no longer feeling a part of them. He can sense a deep well of emotion but cannot access it. He takes in alcohol in an attempt to access his emotions but his dark passenger takes over and soon he finds himself crossing the streets with his eyes closed, unable to actively commit suicide, but also unable to not give himself opportunities to die. There is an impact. Everything goes black and he remembers nothing, but wakes up submerged in water far away.


I always loved the Fall

But now it fills me up with memories

I heard a voicemail from a ghost

And it disinterred our story

So I severed all my limbs

A dissociative disorder

Some people drink so they’ll forget

But I just wanted to remember how to feel

I dressed up for the part

With bloodstains on my tank top

Hell I even played your soundtrack

Mr. Young, The Damage Done

Jenny please don’t let me disappear. Please…

Jenny please don’t let me disappear. Please...

Cause I’m going to cross this road

And I don’t think that I’ll make it

But I know I can’t go back now

Cause I know that I can’t fake it anymore

Maybe if I drive real fast

I can keep up with the spinning

One-thousand-seventy miles per hour

I’ll never have to see the morning/mourning

Cause if you’re the setting sun

Then I’ll be a fucking meteor

Let me show you how it’s done

Burn out so that it’s memorable!


Jenny please don’t let me disappear. Please…

Jenny please don’t let me disappear. Please…


from Pack Thy Secrets Deep, released April 25, 2017
Vocals: David T8tz
Backing vocals: Krystelle Lorraine
Guitar: David T8tz
Bass: Carla Capolupo
Piano: Paul Akers
Saxophones: Gabriel Hartman
Trumpet: Alex Alvarez



all rights reserved


David T8tz and His Lovely Friends Los Angeles, California

David T8tz has always used music as a way to cope with sadness. From his first heartbreak at 12 years old, he was writing and performing his own songs. He never thought this skill set learned at at such a young age would become so necessary for survival later in life.

(Previously David was the frontman for Winston and the Telescreen.)

Contributing musicians are listed in the track notes.
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