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This song was written after a flurry of online dating adventures. He would go out and fling himself into situations with an intensity that would often confuse his dates and embroil them into intense romance that was more serious than he actually intended. He never learned to go halfway and so when he liked a person he treated the same way that he would treat a person who we was in the romance of his life with. But then as things would become serious rather quickly he would panic and run away. The intention was never to hurt, the intention was always to feel, but once others felt something for him he no longer felt safe. The people who loved him tended to get hurt badly. So he'd turn off his heart and walk away, and recommend they do the same.


I don’t wanna break your heart

But I have no heart to break

And now we’ve come too far to just walk away

No, somebody’s got to pay

But I’ve got no heart to break

Or I would gladly pay your way

Right from the start you see

I was cheating at this game

Cause I’ve got no heart, no stakes

Or I’d gladly spare you pain

But I’ve got no heart to break to pay your way

You surprised me in the evening when you reached to hold my hand

Kept surprising me till morning, girl I am only a man

But I’ve got no heart my dear

Or I would text you every day

I’ve got no heart to feel

Or I’d be begging you to stay

I’ve got no heart, it’s true

And I’m sorry it’s this way

But I’ve got no heart to break

No I’ve got no heart to take

No I’ve got no heart to break

So just walk away


from Pack Thy Secrets Deep, released April 25, 2017
No Heart To Break

Vocals: David T8tz
Guitar: David T8tz
Piano: Paul Akers
Organ: Paul Akers
Bass: Carla Capolupo



all rights reserved


David T8tz and His Lovely Friends Los Angeles, California

David T8tz has always used music as a way to cope with sadness. From his first heartbreak at 12 years old, he was writing and performing his own songs. He never thought this skill set learned at at such a young age would become so necessary for survival later in life.

(Previously David was the frontman for Winston and the Telescreen.)

Contributing musicians are listed in the track notes.
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